Social responsibility

    Energoinvest  d.d. is a socially responsible company that runs its business activities in  compliance with the interests of wider local community and environmental protection requirements.
    Energoinvest  d.d. as a member of UN Global Compact is obliged to respect the following:
    1. In the field of environmental protection:
    ·    Solve all issues concerning environmental protection in a careful and responsible manner
    ·    Initiate development of  responsibility for environmental protection
    ·    Develop and apply technologies that are acceptable for the environment
    2. In the field of labor rights:
    ·    Apply freedom of association and recognize collective negotiations
    ·    Eliminate all kinds of hard labor and menial labor
    ·    Eliminate labor of children
    ·    Avoid discrimination at employment and at work position
    3. In the field of human rights:
    ·    Follow and support protection of international human rights
    ·    Avoid violation of the human rights
    4. In the field of fighting and preventing corruption:
    ·    Fighting against all types of corruption including extortion and bribing

    Socially responsible business activities in our company are shown through the following:
    ·    responsibility for and care of environment according to the standard ISO 14001
    ·    OHSAS 18001
    ·    continual quality improvements in products and management processes in   compliance with the standard  ISO 9001
    ·    satisfaction of all legal requirements concerning products, environment protection health and safety at work protection
    ·    continual education of employees
    ·    improvement of work conditions
    ·    following costumers satisfaction
    ·    following employees satisfaction   

    Energoinvest d.d., as a socially responsible company, has been for years, actively involved in the field of science, education, culture and art sponsorship.