As a leading engineering company in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Energoinvest provides services of designing and building new and reconstruction, modernization, and revitalization of complex facilities on turn-key basis in the country and abroad. Pursuit of its business excellence and quality of services makes Energoinvest easily recognized as a reliable partner.

    Despite a strong competition in the markets worldwide, Energoinvest has successfully ensured business operation in all traditional markets as well as the market in the region, with the tendency to increase the market share in the demanding market of the European Union, Gulf countries, and Turkophone countries.

    Enormous investment endeavors are expected to take place in the national market, and Energoinvest wishes to be seen as a leading company in designing and building of power energy installations, as well as more relevant role in building the highway “Corridor 5C”. To increase the market share and yet maintain the leading role in national market, various forms of partnership bonding has been used, as well as utilization of capacities through recently founded Energoinvest Group.

    To adapt to the needs and demands of the markets, the company prepares the strategy for the participation in the projects involving new technologies in the field of renewable energy sources, where Energoinvest would take a leading role in the projects, which will be implemented in Bosnia and Herzegovina. With these references, Energoinvest could increase the possibility of applying to similar projects on the foreign markets.

    Specific knowledge and skills of highly qualified experts, and acquiring new techniques greatly contribute to the successful business operation. They are well organized in the company which undergoes continuous process of development and which is capable of quick adaptation to the turbulent changes in the market. This is an endeavor to motivate and increase satisfaction of the employees by way of strengthening their spirit of belonging to the company, teamwork, while at the same time we insist on personal accountability along with the investment into the professional development.
    A long-term vision is based on premises of business operation in modern conditions of markets worldwide, which involves further development and continuous increase in the market share, with a special emphasis on personal development and socially responsible business operation.

                                              Bisera Hadžialjević, dipl.ecc, General Manager