Using a comparative advantage of high qualified and skilled personnel of the company and achieving very specific knowledge of contemporary technologies in entire business activities, for Energoinvest the market has been one of the aiming factors for successful realization of planned business objectives.  

    Continual presence of Energoinvest on the market, following the market trends and events on the current market, is provided by the activity of the worldwide network trough its own and joint  companies, representative offices and agents in the country and abroad.
    With its products and services, Energoinvest almost has the access to all world markets, by virtue of significant reference lists and projects/facilities of capital value.

    Nowadays, marketing focus of  Energoinvest's activities  is based as follows:

    • Traditional markets - where Energoinvest is permanently present (Libya, Algeria,  Ethiopia, Mexico, Congo, Serbia, Kosovo,Tanzania)
    • Such objectives are markets of increasing market shares for purpose of expanding to the countries of the Region (Albania), then to the Gulf Countries (Iraq, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar and Yemen) as well as countries of Turkophonic (Central Asia) area.
    • New markets – where Energoinvest is desirous to operate and create its marketing positions (European Union, Kenya, Sudan, Kazakhstan)

    Energoinvest World Trade Network

    Sales network abroad has a very significant role for efficient market processing, establishing Energoinvest's consortium appearances with leading world's companies, achieving new markets and awarding significant jobs.