The mission of Energoinvest, as a multidisciplinary export oriented company, now days too after all passed years, keeps on going in the direction defined as “the road to knowledge”.

    The major activity of Energoinvest and its initial power still resides:

    • in its engineering sectors as the proved centers of competence, which possess its own potentials in know-how, mastering and applying of technology;
    • with the fundamental concept of business philosophy that Energoinvest deepens on developing a long standing cooperation with its business partners worldwide, based on their developing priorities with possibility of technology and know-how transfer.


    The Vision of Energoinvest comes out from the strategic orientation of the company on the  basis of:

    • precise commitments in terms of planning, development and growth, flexible market orientation, technological and scientific resources and achievement of global goals,
    • company organization as the stock company with focus on business and new technology systems, which should provide doubled annual income.

    The activities on preserving world market position are based on competitive preferences, products innovation, new technologies, quality, and high-qualified personnel structure. 


    By  conducting the established policy we are striving to accomplish contentiously the  following general targets:

    • To ensure our customers' satisfaction and confidence completely;
    • To have reliable, competent and motivated employees for carrying out both short and  long - term objectives as well as for permanent improvement of our own practice and capability;
    • To keep and extend constantly market share;
    • To accomplish dependably planned economic - financial and social parameters of the business operations;
    • To manage processes in order to make best accomplishment as concerned desired results;
    • To ensure timely availability of adequate resources and manage efficiently the available potentials;
    • To maintain dynamic growth, development and competitive capabilities pursuant the present and future customers' needs and other interested clients' needs respectively;
    • To apply and steadily improve an effective communication system;
    • To accept and involve changes in the own work and environment in an efficient manner;
    • To apply and improve constantly our own integral quality management system striving to the business excellence model;
    • To maintain proactive approach in preventing environment pollution, the same as for people concerned their health and safety protection.

    Statement about Quality, Environment, Health and Safety Policy