03. 04. 2013. - Energoinvest Delegation visited Montenegro

Erdal Trhulj, the Minister of Energy, Mining and Industry in the Government of FBiH, with representatives of Energoinvest, led by the manager Enes Cengic, visited Montenegro, where they met with senior Montenegrin officials. They discussed the ongoing projects in Montenegro in the energy sector with Mr. Drago Laketic, the President of the Board of Directors of the Montenegrin Electric Power Transmission System (CGES). The Minister of Economy of Montenegro, Mr. Vladimir Kavaric and his associates, Dr. Ranko Milovic, Advisor to the Prime Minister of Montenegro for Economic Affairs and Assistant Minister for Economy, Mr. Marko Vujovic, presented the opportunities for business in this neighboring country. Minister Trhulj presented the Bosnian companies in Podgorica with a view to creating business opportunities in this neighbouring market, and the possibility of involvement of Montenegrin companies in our market. Energoinvest has a long tradition of successful business in Montenegro, and this visit and discussions with the senior Montenegrin officials in the energy and economy sectors open up the possibility of returning to the market of this neighboring country, and new jobs to our mutual satisfaction.