27. 03. 2013. - Euro-Asphalt joined the Energoinvest Group

A meeting of the Board of Business Union Members - Energoinvest Group was held on 27 March 2013, where BiH company Euro-Asphalt Inc. joined this group as a new member. Euro-Asphalt will esspecially strengthen this Bussiness Union in the construction segment, thanks to years of experience in domestic and international markets. Also, the new Chairman of the Energoinvest Group, Mr. Enes Cengic, General Manager of Energoinvest – Sarajevo, was elected at this meeting.
We would also like point out that the Energoinvest Group was established in April 2010 in order to enrich, through the interest liaison, the offer of products and services in the domestic and foreign markets, make greater profits in the joint venture by using acquired references, enhance the development of each of the members and coordinate joint marketing activities. The Energoinvest Group Business Union consists of the Transmission Line Towers Factory (TDS), Energoinvest-SUE, Deling Tuzla, the Electrical Equipment Factory (TEO), Energoinvest - Switchgear (RAOP), Transportation Equipment Factory (TTU) Tuzla, ELCOM, Petrolinvest Inc., ELPCO Libya and Energomex-Mexico.