18. 01. 2013. - Cooperation with BH Telecom

Energoinvest d.d. – Sector IKT - Engineering of Telecommunication Technologies signed the Contract on Provision of Modules for Application onto IP-TV Platforms with the company BH Telecom. The reference Contract includes development and provision of services concerning “Moja TV” project. The mentioned services shall provide some significant useful information to the users such as weather forecast, on-line sport results, traffic info: traffic and road conditions, information on the stock exchange, currency converter, review of intercity and city-traffic timetables, flights timetable of the Sarajevo Airport, horoscope, access to online social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn). In this way, users of the “Moja TV” services will be able to get the mentioned information on their TV sets, promptly and on time. It is expected that such services could make an important contribution and improvements which would result in increase of the “Moja TV” uses. This Contract implementation will be completed within 20 month period.
Long-lasting and successful cooperation between our two companies resulted in this Contract conclusion. In addition, within scope of our cooperation we carry out continual trainings of our engineers in order to improve their knowledge and skills for software development. Also, in this way we maintain our competences for development of software applications in compliance with the modern technological trends and requirements.