05. 12. 2012 - Energoinvest won contracts worth about 70 million KM in the last month

The General Manager of Energoinvest., Mr. Enes Cengic, said that the company won contracts worth about 70 million in the last month. "Thanks to our previous work in northern Iraq, the Erbil region, along with previously signed contracts, we obtained an extension of EUR 3.5 million at another substation. This speaks for itself on how much investors in Iraq believe Energoinvest", said Cengic. Also, Energoinvest won a big project in southern Albania - 110 KW transmission line worth about EUR 32 million. Manager Cengic has announced that next week they will have negotiations with the official investor KfW, a large German bank, which invests in a project in Albania.

"So, we won contracts worth about EUR 36 million, or more than 70 million KM in the last month," said Cengic. “Foreign investors believe us and we get contracts, but Energoinvest cannot get the contract in BiH and, therefore, appeals to all competent authorities to consider the Energoinvest’s position in BiH," noted Cengic.
As for Libya, the Energoinvest manager expects new activities in this market in the next ten months to a year. "Everything we have done in the Libyan market we were able to charge. However, the issue is that we have there more than a hundred million of contracted projects that we have planned, ordered materials, and we cannot deliver them," said Cengic.

According to his words, the situation in Libya is improving. "Ten days ago we were there and we were lucky to meet very responsible persons at the top of the Libyan Government. We expect to return and initiate new activities in the Libyan market in the next ten to 12 months," said Cengic. (FENA)