30. 11. 2012. - Energoinvest technology will be used by the Turkish Temsan

As a result of the initiative of the authorities of the Republic of Turkey and BiH on the extension of business cooperation between the two countries, a delegation of the Turkey’s state company Temsan – Turkish Electromechanics Industry Corp., headed by the Director General Hilmi Basturk, paid a three-day working visit to Energoinvest. This visit was preceded by the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Energoinvest and Temsan in April this year and the signed Agreement of July 2012 concerning the feasibility study and the possibility of producing high voltage switches, based on its own technology and technical documentation which Energoinvest possesses.

The Turkish partner has expressed its satisfaction with the progress of the study. The documentation presented by Energoinvest, and information on the possibilities of placement of high voltage switches provided by the Turkish side, confirmed that the investments in high voltage switch factory in Turkey will be justified and that it is possible to finalize the study during the next month.  It is also agreed to initiate the transfer of technical and construction documentation for high voltage switches and sign an agreement on technical assistance for this investment after the completion of the study. The working visit is finished by signing the Minutes which specified and defined the activities agreed in advance.