17. 09. 2012. - Opportunity for BH companies in the Iraqi market

Mr. Erdal Trhulj, the minister for energy, mining and industry in the Government of FBiH, at the invitation of minister of energetic in the regional government of Kurdistan (Iraq), Yasin Sheikh Abu Bakr Mawati, visited Erbil for the International Energetic Fair. The Energoinvest Delegation was also present at the Fair from 17 to 20 September 2012. The Delegation consists of the Energoinvest General Manager, Mr. Enes Cengic, and Director of marketing and capital-dependent firms, Mr. Jakub Viteskic. Minister Trhulj represented the B&H companies in Erbil with a view to creating business opportunities in this interesting market for the B&H companies.

In addition to meeting the Minister Mawati, the Delegation has, among other things, visited the Energoinvest branch office in Erbil, where our company has been operating successfully for a long time. The Energetic Fair in Erbil is an excellent opportunity for business meetings dedicated to energy solutions in the construction and infrastructure sectors. Tens of thousands of visitors take part in this meeting, from leading people in the industry to experts, thus allowing for dynamic possibility of access to Iraqi and other surrounding markets.