14. 05. 2012. - Asset protection and market share and trade increase in oil in Croatia

In order to protect its assets, improve business and increase share in the neighboring Croatian market, our company has organized a presentation today in Sarajevo. Specifically, Energoinvest has been present for a long time in the Croatian territory in the field of oil industry and has significant infrastructure for storage and distribution of oil and oil products, as well as 16 service stations. In this regard, renowned companies in the region and beyond, which are engaged in this activity, were invited to the presentation and most of them responded to the invitation.

The presentation was attended by representatives of the following companies: Eneroginvest d.d. Sarajevo, Energoinvest - Croatia d.d. Zagreb, Optima Group d.d. Banja Luka, HIFA OIL d.d. Tesanj, LUKOIL - Croatia Zagreb, INA (Holdina Sarajevo). Otherwise, Energoinvest - Croatia d.d. Zagreb was registered last year in neighboring Croatia and is engaged in the mentioned activity.

The aim of the presentation is to increase market share and trade of our company in the Republic of Croatia, create conditions for a profitable business and establish cooperation with strategic partners reputable companies in the trade of oil and oil products. The presentation resulted in positive reactions, thus opening opportunities for joint cooperation in the field of oil supply, real property rental, and possible establishment of a joint company. Also, it was agreed that in future interested companies submit their observations on this issue, which will be followed by new meetings, with specific agreements on the method of future cooperation.