20.04.2012. - Energoinvest Delegation visited wounded persons from Libya

The Energoinvest Delegation, headed by the Director Mr. Enes Cengic, visited on 18 April wounded persons from Libya, who had arrived last week for treatment in our country. This is a group of 84 injured people who are Libyan war casualties. Ibrahim Efendic, the newly appointed Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Libya and Sami Agila, the Charge d' Affairs of the Embassy of Libya in Bosnia and Herzegovina, expressed their wishes for the quick recovery of the injured. In conversation with the Libyans, the Director Cengic expressed his belief that they will have all the necessary care and assistance in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Bosnian and Libyan people have gone through difficult periods of history. The Bosnians and Herzegovinians experienced the tragic consequences of war during the nineties of the last century, and the Libyans recently. The idea of freedom, which was the basic motive of your and our struggle, is what all nations are searching and what is worth fighting for. Energoinvest, which I am a general manger of, has a long tradition of doing business in Libya, where we always encountered warm welcome of your people. We will continue our business in your country and Libya is still one of our main business pillars. I believe that it will remain so. Also, I am confident that you will have all the necessary care and assistance here in Sarajevo and your hosts are certainly your well-meaning friends.

“Your wounds are fresh and your thoughts turned to Libya and your recovery. Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina will always be happy to extend a hand of friendship to the Libyan people. I am confident that our doctors, medics and experts will do their best to help you get well as soon as possible, so that you can return to your beloved Libya”, said in his address the Director Cengic.