19.03.2012. - Contract for the construction of four new power substations signed in Kurdistan

On 26 February 2012, officials of the Energoinvest Company signed a contract with the Kurdistan Ministry of Electricity for the construction of four new substations - New Harir, Rezan, Shaqlawa and Koya, as well as the extension of the substation Soran. Substations have voltage levels of 132/33/11 kV, while the extension includes two bays of 132kV voltage. Total contract value is approximately 37 million Euros.

The contract was signed at the ceremony with the Minister of Electricity in attendance, who stressed the importance of the project for the Kurdistan region, as well as his satisfaction that the contract was awarded to the Energoinvest. In his address, the Minister introduced the Energoinvest to attendees as a respectable company that has successfully completed a number of substation projects in the Kurdistan region.

Completion of the project is estimated to take eighteen months; currently awaiting approval of the Council of Ministers of Kurdistan for the signing of the contract and the Ministry’s invitation to a kick-off meeting with the Energoinvest team for implementation of the contract.