In order to mitigate the disaster and help the afflicted population affected by floods in our country, Energoinvest Sarajevo joined the campaign to collect aid. During the first several days of flooding, our company has sent large amounts of fresh water to help affected population in Orasje.

On the initiative of the Management and Trade union of Energoinvest, the employees, feeling sympathies for the victims, will participate in different ways in repairing damage caused by floods, through voluntary work, donating one per diem and aid in accordance with own capacities. The Energoinvest representatives will visit Odzak today (21st May) and deliver sanitary materials, tools and necessary equipment to its citizens. As a company with expertise in the field of design, construction and supervision of infrastructure facilities, we will offer our expert support to local communities and assistance in reconstruction of the flood affected areas. We believe that our staff with their knowledge and experience can help most in this area.

Understanding the difficulty of the new situation and the need to include everybody in the rescue and damage repair actions, and wanting to contribute to faster normalization of life in our country, Energoinvest, like most citizens and businesses, will continue to work on the collection of various forms of aid and the collection and distribution of sanitary material, as well as other types of support. In these difficult times for Bosnia and Herzegovina, it was obvious that our people and their humanity and selfless actions are our most powerful force that can overcome the biggest disasters such as the one that affected us.

On this occasion, we would like to express our deepest sympathy to the families of the victims.