19. 02. 2014. - Joint venture of BiH companies in the projects announced by the BiH Power Transmission Company

Energoinvest Sarajevo and Banja Luka Electrical Engineering organized a meeting today in Sarajevo on the occasion of possible joint venture of BiH companies in the projects announced by the BiH Power Transmission Company. The meeting was attended by representatives of leading companies in the field of energy from the entire area of Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to exchange opinions, positions and opportunities for engagement in investments announced by the BiH Power Transmission Company. The meeting participants agreed that domestic companies have the human resources, references and technologies that can successfully respond to the most complex tasks in the field of energy.

They concluded with pleasure that this approach has the support of competent ministries of FBiH and RS, as well as trade union representatives from both entities. The meeting was attended by Muhamed Hadzic of the Metalworkers Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Obrad Belenzada of Metalworkers and Miners Union of RS, Bajro Melez of Metalworkers Union of the Sarajevo Canton and Mustafa Jugo of the Energoinvest Trade Union. It was noted that there was not enough space in the existing legal framework for the development and activities of local companies, and the attendees agreed that it was necessary to make modifications to improve the business conditions for domestic companies.

The Energoinvest Public Relations Department made a statement that, given that the BiH Power Transmission Company announced that it would provide 800 million KM for investment from its own resources during the next 10 years, domestic companies want to actively participate and be a key contractor in the projects of reconstruction of transmission lines and substations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the construction of new transmission lines and substations up to 400 kV and other investments in our country. It was agreed to hold such meetings on a regular basis for timely information, planning and ventures in forthcoming projects.

In addition to the above, the meeting was attended by representatives of Energoinvest - Transmission Tower Factory in Sarajevo, Energoinvest - Energy Management Systems in Sarajevo, Energoinvest – Transmission Line Construction Sarajevo, Electrical Equipment Factory Inc. Sarajevo, Umel – Transmission Line Assembly d.d. Tuzla, Deling d.d. Tuzla, Elker Ljubija, Inving Prijedor, Transmission Line TKS a.d. Doboj (Rudanka), Elnos BL Banja Luka, Kaldera Company Laktasi, Kapis d.d. Tomislavgrad, Inving-Invest Engineering Ltd. Prijedor and Elko d.d. East Sarajevo.