23. 12. 2013. - The contract for work in Albania worth nearly 29 million Euros signed

The contract worth nearly 29 million Euros between Energoinvest Sarajevo and Electricity Transmission Company of Albania (OST) was signed during the weekend in Prizren (Kosovo). This contract is related to the construction of the transmission lines of 400 kV from Tirana to Morina. In addition to the delegation of signatories, led by the Energoinvest General Manager Enes Cengic and OST Albania Manager, Engjëll Zeqo, a signing ceremony was also attended by Fadil Ismajli, the Minister of Economic Development of Kosovo, Damian Gjiknuri, the Minister of Energy and Industry of Albania, Naim Bejtullahu, the Manager of the Power Transmission Company of Kosovo and representatives of the German Development Bank (KfW), which also finances this project. The construction of the transmission line network between Tirana and Morina will greatly strengthen the electricity network of Albania, Kosovo and the whole region. It is interesting that Prizren has been chosen as the place to sign the contract because of its historical role in order to remind of the struggle of the Balkan peoples against the policy of imperial powers for their own national state. The regional cooperation on this project shows that joint works can certainly be implemented together in Southeast Europe and bring out the best in the regional companies for the needs of economies of these countries, where Energoinvest has built its reputation for decades.

General Manager Cengic said, among other things, at the signing ceremony: "We in the region must be more active. Only if we in this way observe a new chance and circumstances imposed we can gain particular benefits for our economies and citizens. We have not used regional cooperation and awarded projects and offered opportunities, especially now as Croatia joined the EU and Slovenia did the same before. There are many opportunities for regional cooperation and it is only up to us whether we use them, including the withdrawal of special IPA funds, which we also did not use in the right way. The regional economic development is an essential example of integration and progress, and these contracts in Albania in Kosovo confirm that we can successfully implement the most demanding projects in the interest of our economies and countries."


The importance of policy following the economy is emphasized and that regional development policies should be defined accordingly, which would offer a solution enabling all countries to realize their potential and seize the opportunities for sustainable development and prosperity of their citizens. The Southeast Europe countries and the Balkans are small and medium size countries that can effectively develop by involving in regional economic integrations.


Energoinvest will implement this project as a turn-key project, which means that our company carries out the design, equipment procurement, delivery, construction works, testing and commissioning of the transmission lines. The deadline to implement the project is 24 months. This is not the first project that our company implements in Albania. In fact, in January of this year we contracted the construction of 110 kV transmission line and reconstruction of five substations (South Albania/Lot 2) for the same customer, worth about 30 million euro, which means that only in Albania Energoinvest has contracted works worth nearly 60 million euro. By winning projects like this one in Albania Energoinvest shows that it has the potential and the chance to develop into a modern company, regardless of the fierce competition in the global market.