25. 10. 2013. - Delivery of equipment for substations in Iraq

The KRG investor is pleased that our company has successfully implemented the project (KRG - MOE/ES - 06A - 2011) on substations in Erbil (Iraq). The designing under this contract is completed and approved by the investor, and all equipment is produced and is at the stage of delivery. The Electric Equipment Factory (EEF) has just been arranging the last actions of transport and delivery of control and relay cabinets for 132kV, 33kV and 11kV substations contracted.

It is important to emphasize that the designers of the Energoinvest’s Energy Engineering Department (EED) produced complete and extensive project documentation, which is quite an accomplishment, considering the amount of cabinets needed to be made. The success appears to be even bigger taking into account the fact that equipment delivery was accepted by the investor without any objections. During the delivery the investor has expressed satisfaction with the quality of the cabinets and technical solutions that have been implemented. The transport of cabinets for two substations in the region of Erbil is under way, while the equipment for the third substation is tested, and the equipment for the fourth substation and an extension is at the production stage. Energoinvest and EEF announce that all their obligations to the investor will be fulfilled within the time limits. 

EEF is a member of the Energoinvest Group and the work in Iraq is a continuation of good and successful cooperation, and also proof that Energoinvest, as the company majority-owned by the state, can be a generator of economic development and local small and medium enterprises engaged in various international and national projects, which is formalized through the Energoinvest Group.