08. 07. 2013. - Best Manager and Best Company for 2013

The Directorate of the Agency for Selecting the Best Manager in BiH, Southeast and Central Europe gave the Energoinvest Manager, Mr. Enes Cengic, the Super Business Champ Award, or Best Manager and Best Company for 2013. Cengic emphasized the importance of this event, especially for the reason that events like this allow for comparisons with other companies in the region. "It is very important in any business to have a position that allows for comparison. Regional events to measure the results of similar companies, businesses and people are very important, because you get a picture of your own position and opportunities. This provides a tool in the hands of the managers to assess themselves what they can do and what not in their future business, "said Cengic.

"Every manager has to know that the greatest asset of any company is its employees, that the conditions must be created for them in order to develop their creativity and feel that they are respected, workers must be provoked to give more, and they must be provided with equal opportunities for progress. The companies with such orientation have to succeed, regardless of the economic crisis that surrounds us, "said Cengic. According to him, the business philosophy of Energoinvest in the next short-term period will be retaining the continuity of salary payment and job preservation. "At this point big profits are not possible in the business that we do," said Cengic.

The Directorate for Selection and Promotion of Managers in BiH, Southeast and Central Europe gave 22 managerial awards to the most successful managers at the ceremony, and 14 awards to the most successful individuals who are not involved in the business directly, but their activities create a better environment for business and economics.