24. 06. 2013. - Blum was one of the best that this country has had

Energoinvest Sarajevo marked 29 years since the death of Emeric Blum, the founder and first manager of Energoinvesta and former mayor of Sarajevo. The delegation of our company laid flowers to commemorative plaque at the Bare cemetery on 24 June 2013, and then in front of the Energoinvest business building , where manager Enes Cengic addressed attendees. This event, in addition to representatives of the company, was attended by former employees and executives, the Mayor of Novo Sarajevo, Mr. Nedzad Koldžo, and businessmen, officials and media representatives.
Manager Cengic said in his address that the secret to Blum's business success was hard work, but also the courage to implement the ideas that have brought progress and were different from the established forms. "Blum worked more than others, but also thought ahead. His managerial concept is something that is a model for today's global corporations, because he made the industrial giant on a global scale out of a small project office," said Cengic.
Cengic said, among other things, that "work of today's Energoinvest must be based on professionalism and quality. During the big economic crisis, we've got great jobs in Albania, Iraq, Algeria and other parts of Africa ... partly because our name is a serious reference, for which we can mostly thank to Blum. Energoinvest, Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina are obliged to remember Emeric Blum, because at the same time we remember beautiful side of our history and also see the way to ensure brighter and more successful future for ourselves . We should learn from the best, and Blum was one of the best that this country has had."